Available in 25 Meter (83 feet) or 50 Meter (164 feet)
Act now because quantities are limited.


This grade A stock, recent production, cut from remnant rolls into 25 and 50 meter coils. Available in black or grey. GAC-2 is a high quality, double Reussen shielded balanced cable well suited for a wide range of applications both live and in the studio. A truly great value at a low sale price.
$0.52 per foot


Our popular unbalanced instrument cable which is also perfect for unbalanced patch cords and interconnect cables. 25 and 50 meter coils.
$0.38 per foot

GAC-2MiniAES Installation Cable

This Double Reussen Shielded Installation Cable is a great value for both Analog and Digital applications where a thick outer jacket (like mic cable jacket) is not required. Also known as console cable or rack wiring cable, this low capacitance cable (24 AWG conductors) offers outstanding performance. Available in Black (#10630) or Purple (#10620). 25, 50 and 100 meter lengths
$0.40 per foot


Our best quality cable for S/PDIF Format (75 Ohm) Digital Audio. Acclaimed by audiophiles worldwide. A spectacular discount price. Cut to length or full 100 meter spools. Gotham #10070.
$0.43 per foot



We still have 17 AWG Speaker Cable #50010. All other standard 2 conductor speaker cable is sold out. We still have a two conductor speaker cable with FRNC jacket (stiff) which is usable in fixed installations. We also still have limited quantities of 4, 6 and 8 conductor speaker cable in 11 AWG and 13 AWG.

We have no remaining GAC-7 Tube Microphone Cable.

We still have GAC-1UltraPro unbalanced Instrument and Interconnect cable in blue and black. We have a small amount of GAC-2UltraPro multi-stage Reussen shielded interconnect cable left. GAC-4/1 UltraPro is sold out.

We still have stock of GAC-3 classic mic cable in the thicker jacket version (GAC-3-5.8mm). This stock is # 10802 which is a BROWN jacket.

Standard thickness GAC-3 in black and grey is sold out. We still have older stock GAC-3 in green, yellow and white (call for details about these colored GAC-3).

All the AC Power Cable is sold out except for Gotham #85015 which is a Reussen Shielded AC Power Cable with smaller conductors which limits its capacity to about 8 amps of current. Perfect for low wattage devices like DAC’s, many signal processors and low power amps but not a good match for larger power amplifiers.

GAC-2AES digital audio cable is sold out but we have good supply of the installation version, GAC-2mini AES/DMX #10620 or #10630. We also have some #10640 which is a similar installation cable with a stiffer FRNC jacket. We also have a roll of #10632 which is a two channel ‘‘ flat or siamese“ style foil shielded AES digital audio cable.

We are almost sold out of double Reussen shielded GAC-2/1 installation cable #10301 but we have a number of older rolls of #10306 which is a similar cables with an slightly stiffer FRNC jacket.

GAC-4/1 Quad cable is almost all gone.

We have lots of GAC-1 instrument cable in various colors and lengths. Same for GAC-2 mic and interconnect cable. We have several rolls of GAC-2V1, the low noise/lower capacitance version of GAC-2 and GAC-2PUR which is a version of GAC-2 with a super-durable blue polyurethance jacket. We also still have GAC-2pair round.

We have a good supply of GAC-1 Twin unbalanced cable and a very small amount of GAC-2pair flat balanced cable.

We have lots of #21045 which is a four conductor unshielded cable for headsets and # 80166 which is a CAT5E shielded data cable with a tactical outer jacket.

We still have stock of DGS-1, DGS-2 and DGS- 4/1 which are similar to their Gotham counterparts except that they have a single Reussen shield instead of a double shield. Very flexible and well priced. The stock includes a NOS made in Austria DGS-1 instrument cable in black, more current DGS-1 in colors and several rolls of DGS-2 mic cable in black.

We still have stock of 8pair, 16 pair and 24 pair Quad Multipair Cable (#17000 series). Very small amounts of standard (#14000 series) Gotham 8pair and NOS 10 pair. A bit more standard 16 pair and 24 pair.

Gotham Digital Multipair (4, 8, 12 pair) is sold out except for some very short pieces.


Our friends at THE SOUND PARCEL are offering several unique products for sale:

The Lincoln Route 66 Speaker Cables are a truly exceptional product for muscians looking for the ultimate in an amplifier head to speaker cabinet connection. Built with rugged Jumbo ¼“ Amphenol gold contact connectors and Gotham Audio Speaker Cables, they gift musicians with the same stunningly true transmissiion of audio that owners of $100,000+ audiophile have been raving about for the past ten years. Gotham 11 and 13 AWG speaker cables have won great prise and recommendations from manufacturers of high- end amplifiers, speaker manufacturers and recording studio owners.

These are not the ordinary speaker cables typically used in sound reinforcement systems. They are routinely used by amplifier and speaker manufacturers in audiophile salons and trade show demonstration rooms showcasing high-end audio systems. In these applications, Gotham cables are often chosen over cables costing over $ 1000 per 5 meter pair. Typical comments from reviewers: “Excruciatingly musical”, “the music just flows with ease”, “absolutely magical” and “balanced top to bottom”.

Now this same level of performance is available (at modest cost) to musicians. The 13 AWG version is ideal for most guitar set-ups while the 11 AWG brings out the best in bass rigs, or very high power applications.

A true “best buy” available at www.lincolncables.com

The Lincoln Route 36 Balanced Interconnect Cables offer the industry’s ultimate shielding against Radio Frequency Interference - Gotham Audio’s UltraPro Multi-Stage Reussen Shielding - combined with a highly flexible protective jacketing and outstanding sonic fidelity. A superior product for use in any field or remote recording application that demands durability, portability and noise-free performance. Built with rugged Ampehnol Jumbo ¼” gold contact TRS connectors and Gotham # 10561 GAC-2UltraPro cable, with finely stranded conductors and low capacitance, the Lincoln Route 36 boast the highest level of studio and audiophile performance. This is a rugged TRS interconnect for any application.

A “one of a kind” product available at www.lincolncables.com

Looking for a Similar Product with XLR Connectors?

Our personal E-Bay site offers a large stock of GAC-2UltraPro Cable Assemblies terminated with European manufactured Neutrik NC3XX-14BD xlr connectors. These assemblies feature a stable 110 ohm impedance for compatibility with both analog audio and AES Digital Audio signals. We have reduced pricing by some 20% while supplies last. A best choice in field applications where maximum protection against RFI is a must!

Also on our E-bay site: We also have a surplus of Amphenol Jumbo TRS and TS connectors. Amphenol JS3PB-AU and Amphenol JM2PB-AU. Also standard size Amphenol TS3PB-AU. These are the better “professional” series of Amphenol connectors which are now hard to obtain at a reasonable price. We will offer these at a substantial discount.

Our E-Bay store: lews_electronics and more

The demand for quality interconnect cables using Mini-TRS connectors continues to grow, even as the cost of the connectors continues to soar. The Lincoln Trailblazer and Trailblazer Basic Cables offer a unique solution for those who demand excellence in a mini-cable. Don’t compromise quality and durability with cheap Chinese connectors and mediocre cable. The Sound Parcel has a limited supply of these assemblies, built before the worst round of connector shortages and price increases. They are not inexpensive but they are outstanding performers.

No road is too rough for these very special cable assemblies, which are optimized for use with media players, mobile phones or any other devices using a 3.5mm tip-ring-sleeve (“stereo”) miniplug. Fabricated in Illinois with exceptionally rugged Gotham GAC-2111 Cable, which is a remake of the legendary German EMT 2111 cables that were highly favored by broadcasters and studios in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This compact (4.5mm outer diameter) and lightweight cable boasts an ultra-strong yet flexible PUR jacket, PE insulation for lower capacitance and Double Reussen Shielding. You WILL hear a difference.

The TRAILBLAZER connectors are an equally special product from the “Land of Lincoln.” Switchcraft 35 HD series locking plugs feature a 3.5mm plug with one piece tip rod for ultra-reliability. These sturdy, solid metal connectors boast gold contacts with upgraded cable clamps and solder terminals. The longer nickel handles provide for an improved gripping surface and easy plug withdrawal from jack.Some models feature special locking collars which allow secure connection when used with matching extension cables featuring Switchcraft industrial strength inline jacks.

Strength, durability and outstanding sonic performance set these assemblies apart from the inexpensive imports. Some models feature special locking collars which allow secure connection when used with matching extension cables featuring Switchcraft industrial strength inline jacks.

Another “one of a kind” product available at www.lincolncables.com


Many popular GAC and Lincoln Heritage Cable assemblies are offered for sale by The Sound Parcel, an on-line vendor with a retail store located in Easton, PA.

Well over 100 assorted cable assemblies are now offered for sale at the following Ebay store:
lews_electronics and more

New assemblies and some bulk cable coils will be added regularly throughout 2022. We will add another 50+ items in June and July.

Feel free to call us at 610-746-9342 for further information and assistance with ordering these fine products featuring Gotham Audio Cable.